Stand with Standing Rock available now!


Youth line available now!!!


Come celebrate Loveland’s last day with the Native Groilla crew and friends. Native Gorilla will have a tent set up in the parking lot showing off some of the new products, grilling and partying!

Come on down to the Fashion Show!


Use Code: winter at check out on our online store for 20% off. Offer ends 3/31/16 Only good for winter products.

The Denver Children’s Home


The Native G and Sweet Earth Mama made it down to the Denver Children’s Home right before christmas and was able to donate tons of brand new clothes to the families in need for the holiday’s. The Denver Children’s home is a great place to donate if you have extra/ new stuff. They take good care of the foster kids while also taking care of the Denver community families in need as well. 

The All New Native Gorilla Winter line available now! The winter line uses strong and heavy materials to keep you warm for the winter months. Some of the products are made with Recycled and Organic materials to represent and promote a healthier way of living. You can find the winter line on the product page. (


The Ryde Lab Leadville, Co 

The Ryde Lab snuggled in the high country of Colorado is officially the newest retailer for Native Gorilla! This awesome local skate shop is located on the main street of Leadville and has one of the newest Team Pain skate parks right near it just down the street. The Ryde Lab is helping push the youth in the mountains of colorado be more productive, creative and active in life. Also in the Lab they create their own clothing and accessories in-house. Click the link to visit The Ryde Lab and get more information.  Facebook-  Online Store-


Megafauna Denver, Co 

Just dropped off a bunch of product at Megafauna in Denver! Go check out this beautiful local store located 3102 Blake St Denver, Colorado. New official retailer; Get your Native Gorilla gear here whenever you want, it’ll be waiting. Also Megafauna will be having amazing deals the whole month of August! Click here to visit Megafauna’s Website and get more information

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